Peonies And Daffodils

Peonies and Daffodils Why do we humans love flowers? Flowers are kin. We are sensing kinship. These flowers show why we love flowers so. They strive to grow, to regrow, to nourish themselves with sunshine, air and water, so that they can display their vibrant colors and unique shapes in abundance. They spread their individual […]

Moment By Moment

Moment by moment Every given moment we choose thoughts, emotions, actions, through our choices we shape the concurring patterns in our lives.  Even though the deeds of others would have not been of our choosing, our reaction to those events are the factors that will shape our future. It is our freedom of choice to […]

The Handbook

I think it is safe to say, that we all have issues in our lives that we wish to resolve, may they be due to physical limitations, or of emotional, mental, or plainly stress-induced nature. In my quest for solutions the term”Unlimited Possibilities” has intrigued me to no end, how about you? In this context […]

A Thanksgiving Day Moment

Friends, Thank you for intending to be the best you can – through your intention, you can and will be!​ Thank you for trying to make this world a better place. Thank you for sharing your authentic truth. Thank you for the willingness to use your inner strength to let go of what does not […]

Love And Evolution

Illusion – Evolution – Love – Solution There is love in the word Evolution? Turning it around…love…evolve… What if love is the key to evolution? What if love is the solution to illusion? From the book “From the lightness of the heart” by Claudia Wenning


  Transformation can naturally arise out of allowing.    It can arise out of the allowing of seemingly opposing elements  to join into a new creation.

Walking With Beauty

With deep gratitude to the  people of this land, to this traditional prayer and its message: May all who have eyes to see – see may all who have ears to hear – hear may all who have the choice  – walk in beauty IN BEAUTY MAY I WALK In beauty may I walk; All […]