A Selection of Testimonials

Claudia Wenning  at Quantum Level Health is a gifted holistic health care professional. Her credentials and experience are broad in scope and evident in her work. The client is very involved  in an atmosphere in which information sharing is easy. This allows Mrs Wenning to focus in on the needs of the client and create an effective holistic treatment plan. Mrs Wenning brings great focus, positive energy and integrity to her work. A.S.

I have known Claudia for almost 10 years.  She is calm, knowledgeable, and very professional. Quantum Techniques. Energy. Herbs. Conversations.This woman is a treasure chest of powerful healing techniques. She guided me down a healthy path after years of “drowning” in my husbands life, so that his sudden death found me strong and able to live in balance and peace, she helped me to find my path and find my strength to seek my desires. After almost a year since a session with her, I daily walk in peace and calm. When I have a bad day or emotion, I “walk” in it as she has taught me. I paid attention to what she said.  And so I am blessed with many good ideas on how to be a better human, especially to myself. For how can we treat others and the world well if we forget to treat ourselves well?
So if you have a desire to Grow and Seek your dreams I recommend you take time and open yourself to what Claudia has to share for your life. Know this ~ you have to do the work. Claudia will guide you to your hearts desire.   L.Mann

Hola Claudia! Thank you very much for your presence… such an inspiring session. M.B.

Thank you so very much for the wonderful session yesterday. You are an angel! R.S.

I love your emails and your newsletter 🙂 And you too. I’m so glad you are in my life, C.H.

Thanks Claudia, that was a powerful session! Your energy treatment put me into a deep state of total relaxation and I feel reborn! H.K.

Because of our processing I now have a wonderful relationship with my daughter in law, it is a new beginning, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! S R.

The course has changed my life, I am so grateful! S.D.

I could not have done this without you, your very presence put everything into place, and helped me to breath calmly. A.W,

Hi Claudia. Thank you so much for offering the class. I enjoyed it a lot and felt the benefits all day. F.C.

I have to tell you how grateful I am for the free events you offer every month, they have provided me with so many tools, and I will attend whenever I can, but this session is really a life changer, I am glad I finally did this for myself!  S.N.

Since my Energy Balancing session last week I feel so much better, I feel supported and things are going in the right direction. Love and light your way.  N.O.

Claudia Wenning’s 21 Day Journey Program helped me to relax and deepen my sleep. Her calming voice and wise suggestions were a great way to start and end my day. The Program is easy to use and designed for anyone who wants to feel more relaxed, alive and empowered. J.F.

Hi Claudia!  Thanks to you for the amazing work and your words today.  The session was incredibly informative and I continue to feel help from it! So many layers of things happen in there!   Such magic at work!  C.I.

I’m using one of Claudia’s healing salves on an arthritic and painful finger. The salve is wonderful! Within 10 minutes the pain is gone and I have full mobility. Claudia is such a skilled healing practitioner using so many modalities and gifts to help her clients! P.D.

Claudia Wenning thank you for your work for our many health and wellness challenges!

So very helpful to work in a holistic participation towards health with a complete and personal approach. C.H.

Your sleep and stress moderation program was dynamite! I use many components of your protocol to continue to bring calmness to sleep and rest for stress reduction, So very important these days. I would recommend anyone to find creative insight towards better holistic health and stress/sleep inspiration. C.M.

Claudia is a consultant with a fantastically wonderful and unique skill set. She helps others view their lives, and their circumstances, from different perspectives. A.F.

Claudia lives her subject demonstrating her power most temptingly.  She makes it so easy and logical making her audience wonder why they could not think of that.  Of course, practice speaks for itself, we do have to practice it to become life changing.  Theory is just that until one puts it into practice. Irene

OMG, I have tears in my eyes! Thank you so much! When I am ready I will definitely share it all and most of all I will know the right time. Thank you Namaste Bless you both. Rosy

Powerful Work, Claudia! Thanks a lot! Namaste. Nikki

Thank you so much, your message was exactly what I need. Alexandra

Thank you again for the session. It really felt like a lot of old “engrams” were able to leave me. M.Y.

You really helped me see so much more, the beginning and the end, and for the first time I realized that it wasn’t me who was terrible.  LOL  Your delivery and tone are wonderful.  I felt cared for, and helped! Great job, thank you! K.M.

Your audio is the greatest sleep remedy ever, I have not slept that well in decades! I have new positivity and new energy in life, moving, creating, having one good day after the other! C.P.

Hey Claudia, I just wanted to send a sincere moment of gratitude to you. I’ve been using the tools that I got in the 21-day empowerment and I now listen to my intuition,  and it was just so very helpful. So I just really wanted to thank you and I appreciate all the work with me that you’ve done. F.B.

The 21  Day Program, is just the sweetest company anyone can have. Your voice has soothed me, has guided me to feel into my body, and to tune into  my feelings. It  has been such a joy, effortless, really, just magnificent, this “Journey”. Yeah to Self Empowerment! J .N.

Thank you so much Claudia.  The session Friday was awesome.  I felt like you undid all the stress of the dental work and any related trauma.  I slept wonderfully the next two nights.T.T.

I feel so free and light, and I know now how to move my energy, I feel like the heavy load is finally off my shoulders and I can move forward, thank you sooo much! N.S.O.

Without you I would not have survived the last 2 years, your remedies, caring advice and herbal support have been life saving!

Thank you for caring so authentically for my family and myself, I have  seen the real me emerge more and more since  I  started to work with you! J.M.

About the program: It’s really good ..lovely to hear your sweet voice …with all the right words. The 21 day journey had helped through the toughest times of separation, and I am forever grateful! T.T.

Claudia you have relieved me of pain like no one ever before! G.H.

Thanks to your counsel, I was able to release the pain, AND I AM PAIN FREE NOW! C.F.

All your treatments have consecutively healed my pain and leg cramps, I am walking tall and freely now. S.F.

No words, your healing touch is magic! D.D.

Thank you for caring and hanging there with me, I am 100 % better now, you never gave up on me, even when I did! H.F.

Claudia is the most experienced “body reader” I have ever met, she knows! M.C.

You have shown me how to open my heart, and the world is a different place! C.P.

Thank you for uncovering my story, I am free now! S.S.

Claudia Wenning ttank you for opening complimentary healing portals for our many health and wellness challenges! So very helpful to work in a holistic participation towards health with a complete and personal approach. C.M.

Claudia,  I so appreciate the response you sent to my check-in letter. I used the questions you asked as prompts for my daily journaling. RR

And your sessions are magical!  D.W.B.

Thank you for the amazing energy balancing  yesterday. I can feel the potential for using this time to heal not only my body, but my emotions.  C.C.

After doing the 21 Day Journey program I finally got the clarity and energy to make those needed changes and life has been wonderful since!    E.T.M.

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing all your brilliantly kind knowledge and energy, sweet sister:O)  R.B.

Since our last quantum level session I have been feeling so much clearer in myself especially emotionally.  M.C.

Thank you so much for offering the Meditation Event. I enjoyed it a lot and felt the benefits all day.  J.H.

Claudia is a skilled classically trained naturopathic healer. I had a core issue that she helped heal by pinpointing which organs were affected using her intuitive energetic skills. That information and her tinctures changed my life!  M.Murphy

Thank you for your support! I do feel fundamentally better, better than I have felt in years, after one session! B.A.

I can’t believe what happened, this has been hiding for so long, well I am sure glad it all came out and moved on, thank you infinitesimally! M.T.

Thank you so much for the session, your hands are guided by angles, love and light! D.S.

I loved the 21 Day Program! Much of it reminded me of my solo sailing days when I moved about in a more spiritual, natural way, tasting and  savoring each breath and moment of time so to speak!   K.W.Porter

Great book presentation, it was worth it to come down the mountain for!   K.Kafo

The “Organic Remedies” tea mix you gave me has made a huge, FUNDAMENTAL shift in my life, it is unbelievable, and tastes  great too!  B.G.G.

Your book “From the Lightness of the Heart” has changed our lives! We have been reading one of your reflections every Sunday morning, and the feeling and inspirations they gave us are priceless, thank you sincerely!! S.A.

The “Reclaim Your Power”program is phenomenal! I wish I had known about this sooner, it  gave me the empowering energy I needed to make the changes I have been so afraid of. D. S.

What a gem! “Quantum Level Transformation – The Handbook”  is an amazing treasure, it has given me so many tools, incredible work you are doing!! S.M.

What a session, and such deep release!  I slept 3 hours longer the next morning, and I can’t even remember the last time that this has occurred, over 9 hours!  J.L.

Claudia,Thank you so much for all of your dedication, sincerity, professionalism, and spiritual strength.

I have benefited from all of the different modalities you have offered me over this past year and found not only did they address the immediate problem that I was experiencing but affected me on an entire cellular level which I had not expected. The recent quantum work that you have explored with me, twice now, has gifted me with a new inner strength and invitation to my own individual mystery which leads me towards more courage more compassion regarding my spiritual journey during this lifetime. I particularly appreciate the safety and ability to move from a state of stress to a state of complete freedom. Thank you again, for your beautiful herbal products, your educational seminars and most of all your loving grace. M.Y.

You have transformed both our lives, we are so much better communicating than before, it has been such a blessing to be mentored by you! C.A.B.

Your sessions have uplifted me, my life is now so full, I feel 90 % healthier, and I am forever grateful for your guidance! M.S.T.

I had the good fortune of being introduced to Claudia for assistance with my health about 3 years ago, and continue to use her services as needed. I find Claudia to be extremely personable, knowledgeable, kind and helpful.

Claudia is an excellent listener, and thoroughly reviews and addresses any changing needs. Her Answers to my questions lead me to a much deeper understanding of my health needs and the workings of the body. In turn this leads to healthier choices.

Claudia skillfully explains what food options and herbal supplements can be helpful to address various conditions. She also works with a variety of modalities, including tools for  stress management, positive visualization, counseling, and practical suggestions for many unexpected twists and turns that life brings us. She has been profoundly helpful in guiding me back to healthier living. Claudia is a true gem in our community whom I would highly recommend. P.F.

I found Claudia to be a kind and caring medical practitioner. Her ability to “read” a client’s needs is based on training, life experience and a focused attention on the client.



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