RECLAIM YOUR POWER without drugs or meds, get the antidote to overwhelm and frustration!

Find out:
How to get more rest and restore optimal energy levels without medication or stimulants…
How to release stress and overwhelm that create frustration and anxiety…
What it takes to feel self-empowered every day,
disconnect from daily stress and rest well at night…



What you can expect from the 21 Day Journey:

A unique, structured, supportive environment, explore with an experienced guide  to release what doesn’t serve you anymore.​

This 21-day program consists of a morning & evening email with a link to guided exercises, meditations & reflective questions.

You will be equipped with daily milestones and checkpoints. You’ll have the support you need to let go & create space.

Rest well at night & live your days with energy & passion!

         The program is designed to assist you in letting go of stress and overwhelm, limiting beliefs and self-defeating habits.

It will strengthen you to live your life with energy, rest deeply,
play joyfully and increase your awareness on all levels.
Genuine inner strength is truly self-empowering,
genuine inner peace is truly liberating.
Genuine vital balance is the key to living with joy and passion.
In the journey you find tools and processes that will guide you there.​
“After doing the 21 Day Journey program I finally got the clarity and energy to make those needed changes and life has been wonderful since!” –  E.T.M.
“I loved the 21 Day Program! Much of it reminded me of my sailing days when I moved about in a more spiritual, natural way, tasting and savoring each breath and moment of time.” – K.W. Porter

What others are saying about Claudia Wenning:

Claudia is a skilled classically trained naturopathic healer. Her information and her tinctures changed my life! M. Murphy

Claudia is a unique, talented, and gifted healer. I’ve been to her for my own healing and recommend her to others, J. Diamond PhD

If you desire to grow and seek your dreams I recommend you take time and open yourself to what Claudia has to share for your life. L. Mann

Transform exhaustion – rediscover joy!
Come home to yourself – revive your love for life!


You deserve it and much more… wake up happy, energetic, interested in the future! Find your peace – reclaim your power!

As a thank you for joining and showing up for yourself, I want to give you a free journal to capture your thoughts along the journey. You receive it after sign-up.

Come on, let’s go!

The unique 21-day journey of liberation is yours for just $97

Meet Claudia Wenning

Quantum Level Health –  Owner

 Holistic Heath Consultant

PhD in Natural Medicine

Functional Medicine Practitioner – Coach

Traditional Naturopath, Western Herbalist

“Organic Remedies” –  Owner

Individual Sessions, in person/online, group seminars


“Quantum Level Transformation – The Handbook
Several of the processes in “Reclaim Your Power” are from the book “Quantum Level Transformation – The Handbook”. It is available as paperback and kindle. Click to order the pdf version for only $4.50 here: “
You will receive the pdf via email within 24 hours.


Several of the tools used in “21 Day Journey” are sourced from the books: 

“From the Lightness of the Heart” and “Quantum Level Transformation: The Handbook” both by Claudia Wenning.