Empower Yourself!

Liberate Yourself!

Transform Your Life!

Claudia consults on the following:

• Naturopathic Consultations

• Naturopathic Psychotherapy “Quantum Level Therapy”

• Nutritional Programs

• Functional Medicine Protocols and Lab testing

• Certified ZONE TECHNIQUE Approach

• Chronic Infections, EMF Sensitivities

• Women’s Health Support, Hormone Balancing

• Motivational Life and Goal – Coaching

• Guided Meditations, Therapeutic Visualizations 

• Hypnotherapy Sessions:  “Energetic Reset™” 

• “Quantum Level Total Transformation”

• “21 Day Empowerment Journey” Audio Program

• 1 to 1 in-person, or group sessions, by Video or Phone

• Telemedicine Calls, and more

Heal your physical and emotional concerns now!


I assist you with physical, emotional and mental concerns, chronic or acute.
Do you sense you are ready for change?
 It may be that inner knowing to let go of something or to reach out for something, and you are feeling ready now! You want to feel better, ideally “feel like yourself” again, experience physical and emotional ease and joy?
 We’ll assess your current energetics and resolve any blockages.
 I customize the most effective tools for you to reach and sustain a new state of being, including but not limited to an indiviualized health plan based on Naturopathy and Functional Medicine guidelines.
 The individual consultation, via a private video platform, phone or in person, facilitates a profound, empowering process of transformational discovery, a time tested approach to accompany you to lasting changes. I assess your energy field, address your current issues and support you in facilitating self-healing for you.
100% confidentiality is a given.


I offer a complimentary call to get to know me, ask me about my unique intuitive and evidence based approach, and to see if my service will address your situation and concerns effectively.

 I also explain the longer programs in depth, since they are a great value, and allow us to go as deep as needed.

Select discounts are available for veterans, and other hardship situations upon inquiry.


Individual sessions are consultations at 1 1/2 hours.

See below consultation packages, in person and by video, and Telehealth appointments.


The “ ENERGETIC RESET™” Sessions  are done in a very gentle and relaxing way,  a deep dive to connect with the “Supra Consciousness” (after C.G. Jung). 

We focus on rapidly discovering the root cause of the issue.

 I developed this approach and modality in my proprietary style, from my quantum level perspective.

We transform outdated beliefs, and create lasting, life-altering changes.

The results are absolutely remarkable!

The individual “ENERGETIC RESET” session with up to 2 1/2 hours of transformative changes in person or via video, includes 3 weeks of text check-in support and a 15 – 30 minutes follow-up call.

To find out more, book your Complimentary Call here now:

quantum level program

The  “QUANTUM LEVEL” Program offers 5 x 2 + hours appointments, customized to your concerns.

It will establish deeply transformative and lasting changes within a few months.

This is a profoundly therapeutic approach, it is “Quantum Level Therapy”. You will receive additional value and guidance with custom assignments, protocols, text check-ins and a follow-up call.

You will receive an extensive tool set, proven techniques and in-depth application guidance, to create lasting change and transform your life!

Alternatively, I offer to process one primary  emotional concern of yours in just 1 weekend, or we can do this in 2 appointments, each up to 4 1/2 hours, for immediate life changing results.

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The ” MONTHLY SUPPORT” Program is the most efficient approach to get support in transforming all levels of your life.

It will establish multiple layers of deeply transformative and lasting changes, without any long term commitment.

Every week you will receive support and guidance with custom assignments, protocols, systems, and text check-ins.

This is how you build your own extensive, custom tool set with proven techniques and in-depth guidance to live life to the fullest!

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& Fees

For local sessions, “Empowerment Events”, and other topics, please email me at

Fees are due at time of booking in the booking calendar, and for online payments please use claudia-wenning at Venmo, or PayPal.


Customized group sessions on video. Please email me for details. Locally I offer groups again with up to 10 participants. These group sessions provide answers from the naturopathic and functional medicine perspectives. Energy Balancing segments are included, as well as instant processes to shift perspectives and serve as introduction to the quantum level.