About Claudia

Natural Health Consultant - Quantum Level Health

Since 1993 I assist my clients internationally to free themselves of physical and emotional pain, stress and overwhelm.

I formulate naturopathic and functional medicine health protocols, and provide to you tools and self-help ways for implementation, including the “Energy Balancing” method I developed. And what is nowadays called “Somatic Experiencing” is also a key element of my approach.

I am truly passionate about supporting especially women to feel self-empowered, to manage their lives with confidence and ease, and live in great health, vital balance and with joy!

I know how it feels to have had childhood trauma, years of ongoing painful health issues, and a need for risky surgeries. I have lived through life-threatening circumstances, grief and loss, and found ways to move forward!

“Energy Balancing” is one of my proprietary modality, since the optimal state of being for us is the state of “Vital Balance”. This other proprietary approach is “Quantum Level Therapy™”. The combination of both approaches has proven to be amazingly successful in all physical, mental and emotional aspects ( take a look at the testimonials).

As Natural Medicine Consultant (PhD), Certified Traditional Naturopath, Psychotherapeutical Counselor, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Coach and Meditation Mentor, I work with individuals and groups.

I am the founder and developer of QUANTUM LEVEL HEALTH™, and for many years I have been creating and facilitating events and Discover Shops™  in the US and Europe. “QUANTUM LEVEL TRANSFORMATION ®”  is my US trademark. 

My Journey

Since 1979 I have dedicated myself to extensive daily meditation practices and daily consciousness-expanding processes.

This is the focal essence of my life!

And since 1988 I am receiving exclusive tutoring in Spirituality,  Traditional and Contemporary Mysticism, some may call it a form of Shamanism. 

In essence, these are extensive, spiritual, Zen Practices, Energy Field  Reading, with personal mentoring about the transformational perception-changing processes in these unique teachings.

The teachings are the central and pivotal part of my life’s story!

With deep gratitude, I acknowledge that I have received deeply transformative experiences in the last 30+ years, due to this knowledge and insights gained. I will honor them to the end of time and agreed early on to use the utmost discretion in sharing. Even if I wanted to write a book about these experiences, I may lack the words to describe them.

Let’s just say: I have seen the veils drop away.

At times, silence can be the language of revelation for the seeker.

However, I can say this: we are all coming from ONENESS, we are all kin.

I may not have called you sister yet, but you are. I may not have called you brother yet, but you are. ALWAYS.

I Share


My eyes opened, and I see the unfolding of life now with different perceptions. 

The knowledge continues to shape my life, my awareness and understanding evolve and deepen, and I can say that much:

By changing your perception within your spectrum, you access other perspectives which enable you to go where you have not gone before.

I share this in sessions, and assist others to dissolve their unease and set themselves free.

 I call this energetic field the “Quantum Level”. It is the realm where transformation takes place, beyond the known, yet within our potential range of experience. 

The journey is incredible, innately joyous, and it continues to unfold into infinity.

If I have gone there,  you certainly can too!

My Accreditations

I am a Certified Traditional Naturopath, PhD in Natural Medicine, Functional Medicine Practitioner, CFMP, and a  Counselor of Naturopathic Psychotherapy, Germany.

Also, I am a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Certified Nutritional Consultant, CNC, Certified Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner, RTT, certified Hypnotherapist, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, FDN, and  Western Herbalist.

Additionally, I am certified in Reflexology, Acupressure,  Iridology,  Auricolo Therapy, Qi Gong, Massage, Usui Reiki, Western Herbalism,  Phytotherapy and in several talk/ cognitive behavior therapy approaches.

 I use deep relaxation in proprietary “Deep Reset™” sessions to access the “supra-conscious”, “Quantum Level Talk Therapy™”, therapeutic brainwave therapy, Visualizations, Meditation with relaxed brain wave states, and Integrative Mental Health Consulting.

And I have an MA Lit, in Literature/Linguistics, History and Social Sciences from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany. I am a Certified Facilitator for Healthier Living Workshops, Stanford School of Medicine, Chronic Disease Self Management Program.

 I have facilitated life cycle ceremonies. I offer consultations in English and German, and with basic communication skills in 3 other languages. My latest academic topic: “Nutritional Biochemistry and Research in Natural Medicine”.