Energetic Impressions 12/31/2017

Impressions are coming forth about a forward movement with new directives and newly opening directions.
 And evolution could again be honored as the underlying quality of All There Is in the larger frame of perception.
 The opportunities for growth and peaceful understanding are still partly elusive, but exquisite.
Yes, we have been experiencing an ongoing perception – altering period of watching how a minority with individual powers, through separation, tries with all it has to outdo the striving of the majority for  peaceful unity and inclusion.
 But are there any doubts now how the picture will show itself to all eventually? 
 There will be the opening of floodgates of rejoicing in collaborative change, maybe not yet tomorrow, but it will come.
Yet the question remains today: what can we contribute to bring this lasting creation of peaceful connection out into the open visible and palpable to all, of all, and caringly nurture it to keep growing within our life time?

It is time to find our very own place of conscious co-creation in this evolving foreward movement.
It can be as simple, yet invigorating, as picking up “paintbrushes” ourselves, one small, seemingly insignificant, dab of paint at a time, all with peaceful intentions.
It could be OUR support for a new picture to emerge, for other hues to come to the front and center. so that these contributions may become part of a shining bold of lightness that announces the coming of a new dawn. 


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