Energetic Impressions 11/12/17

There is the sense of a slow waking up, 
moving and spreading like a gentle ripple 
through a wide open field of grass.
Could we perceive it? 
Yes if we look.
Could we ignore it? 
Yes if we look away.
It is such a powerful notion 
that most of us have the choice
 to open our eyes and see, 
and not just see, 
but really look, observe,
 watch, perceive,
open up to all impressions
 that are there, waiting,
waiting to be acknowledged.
For those who can not see,
 let us be the translators, 
pointing out the way,
 offering strength to lean on 
to walk the safe and solid, 
 sacred path of coming home 
to the place of recognizing 
who we truly are.

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