The Handbook


I think it is safe to say, that we all have issues
in our lives that we wish to resolve,
may they be due to physical limitations, 
or of emotional, mental or plainly stress induced nature.

In my quest for solutions the term”Unlimited Possibilities”
has intrigued me to no end, how about you?
In this context I use the term” QUANTUM LEVEL” a lot,
so what am I really talking about?
Just in case you were wondering  … my answer is in the book.
If you wish to look at your life from different angles,
If you care to understand your concerns more deeply,
if you are interested in unveiling hidden reasons
for limiting circumstances in your life,
if you have questions and want answers,
if you ponder transformation in all areas,
and you are looking for new approaches
THE HANDBOOK” has been written for you!
My clients know I use some of the material in my sessions,
and I gathered 20 of those discovery tools in one book.
It is my latest book and now available on!

 The price will be $18.90 for paperback.

The Kindle version is $ 14.94
Would you go to and have a look?
Here is a link:…/…/ref=asap_bc…

If you feel to give this book, or the first book too,

a review on amazon, comments or testimonials,
 I would like that.

Thank you for reading this and for looking up the books,
thank you for creating more awareness and loving kindness,
thank you for your kinship!
May clarity and gentleness be innate part of all your days,
may we continue to make the vision of healthy balance
and joyful wholeness for all our reality, together.
is available to be a companion for the new year for you,
just as “From the lightness of the heart” is intended to be.
I wish for you and for all of us that in 2017
new opportunities to understand and sustain each
other and ourselves in grace and kindness
will grow abundantly allover the planet!

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