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This book was created
 to be a companion through the cycle of a year,
 for all times, yet timeless.
 It is a book for inspiration and reflection, 
and can also be shared as tangible encouragement,
 to rediscover the lightness of the heart, 
and to allow the inner light to shine. 
With intentions, observations, insights, perspectives
 and the accompanying photos it invites you to look at 
how we interpret and shape our world.
 These pages are meant to gently empower you 
to look again at life yourself with a fresh approach,
 from the lightness of the heart.
 Everything has multidimensional qualities, 
if these are approached with awareness and appreciation, 
you and the world around you will experience
 transformation of pristine, exquisite beauty.
 From our heart we can genuinely bring forth 
healing and transformation.
 As we all find ourselves in this present moment, 
we can join together in reflection and appreciation,
 here we can connect our individual intentions 
with the common goal of Goodness for All.
 Through expanded perception
 we can establish higher understanding, 
and build bridges and deeper friendships,
 evolution is supporting us in this, 
it is up to us to call these realizations,
 and infinitely more, into our reality. 
We can live a life filled with ART: 
Awareness – Respect – Transformation,
 from the lightness of the heart. 
Come and see! 
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