I help you release the pain of physical, mental and emotional stress & overwhelm, so that you can joyfully reclaim your health, purpose and passion – naturally!

Live a self empowered life!


You can release the pain to balance body, mind and emotions!

Are you ready for better health, great relationships?

Are you ready for new perspectives to manifest your goals?

Are you ready to experience personal transformation?

Together we will change your life for the better!

Isn’t it your time to live life with passion and purpose?

  I help people since 1993 to achieve this gracefully.


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what is your story?

The story of your life is unique, you have questions and deserve answers.
You are not alone with your experience of physical pain, dis-ease, inner wounds, overwhelm, grief, shame, confusion, anxiety, rejection, injustices and disillusionment.
We all have our unique story of walking a road of frustration and defeat, years, decades, maybe lifetimes. I walked this road too! I experienced childhood trauma, grief, despair, illness, years of intense gastrointestinal issues and pain, almost loosing life, major surgery. I learned to support my body, mind and soul with life and nutrition changes. I overcame challenges without a second surgery. For the ones I care for I dealt with cancer, women’s issues, PTSD, EMF sensitivities, depression, anxiety, cardiovascular, metabolic and geriatric issues.

I found the other side of story

You can get answers to re-energize and re-empower yourself, to shift, balance, transform and heal your body, mind, and emotions. It is time, isn’t it? 

Time to connect with the other side of your story, and to come with me to the “Quantum Level”.

      I have been talking about the “Quantum Level” long before it became so fashionable. 

        It is of deepest meaning to me, and entirely based on my amazing life’s experience.

You can live with energy and purpose, and express yourself joyfully! It is your birthright to feel that inner peace. I am here as your experienced guide in this journey of discovery. I will assist you with your health concerns, so you can live an empowered, fulfilled life. Together we go to a “place” of let go, experience inner peace and the power of the lightness of the heart. Discover, or rediscover, how it feels to live a life of Self-Empowerment! I integrate naturopathic, natural and functional medicine methods, as well as my own modality of talk therapy, to get you there, to feel healthy and balanced agai

talk to me

 It is gentle, effortless and very relaxing to process your concerns with me, together we transform your approach to life itself. Whether it is about physical, emotional or mental health, acute and/or chronic health conditions, I will customize transformational functional medicine health protocols for you. I interpret energy resonance fields and symptoms, and I provide tools, techniques, and action plans to evaluate and transform these concerns. Under “CONSULTATIONS” you will find more details.

 I identify as a woman, and have extensive experience in working with women, and I see all human beings as individuals, I embrace any self identification, may it be gender, gender neutrality, ethnicity, religion or other. I am here to support you, in all your humanity.

a new perspective is here

My expertise is Naturopathy, Functional Medicine, Natural Medicine, Talk Therapy, Somatic Release and Energy Balancing. I create custom transformational protocols and systems, and I support the implementation at the “Quantum Level”.

My approach is different from standard medicine and psychotherapy, but very complimentary to them, and it works!

Together we address your physical, emotional or mental issues holistically, and in the private, confidential consultations I provide the tools for energetic healing. After assessing and interpreting your issues, I offer a customized plan in alignment with your energy field and unique current situation. I am a Traditional Naturopath with a PhD in Natural Medicine, Naturopathic Counselor for Psychotherapy, Germany, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, CFMP, Functional Medicine Health Coach, FMCHC, Certified Nutritional Consultant, CNC, Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner, RTT, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner, FDN, and Western Herbalist. I also hold certifications in Reflexology, Acupressure Therapy, Hypnotherapy (3), Mental Health et al.”Quantum Level Transformation”® is my US trademark.

Your concerns could be

Stress and overwhelm, Burnout, Lack of Self Esteem, Nutritional/ Gastrointestinal/all Digestive Issues, Allergies/Toxins, Sleeping Disorders, Cancer, Autoimmune Disorders, Inflammatory and Degenerative Conditions and long term issues.

Relationship Dynamics, PTSD, Grief, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Self Esteem Issues, Lifestyle/ Motivation/Performance-Management, Functional Medicine Coaching and/or more.


In light of recent events, both locally and around the world, please use this short meditation to help you to come back into the feeling of wholeness, strength and Self-Empowerment!

21 Days journey


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self-empowerment (interview)


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